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May 2013
For many people around the country, especially those on the Gulf Coast, this week has brought back many memories of August 29th, 2005. It was on that day that we all witnessed Hurricane Katrina, one of the top five deadliest hurricanes in the US and the costliest hurricane in US... Read More →
If you have been following my column for the last month you should be very familiar with all of the ways to raise capital via loans also known as debt. This week I am changing gears and beginning to discuss what most entrepreneurs are seeking more than any good loanequity. Equity... Read More →
Over the last few weeks, I have been bringing to you my summer series on business capital or what I like to call, money for your business. I have shed some light on the many options available to you by raising capital through the use of debt and have presented to you many... Read More →
This week, I am continuing my series on money for your business by exploring the world of government-backed venture capital funds. It order to explore this topic, I pose a simple question to you? What do some of the most successful companies such as America Online, Apple... Read More →
This week, I am beginning the first installment in a multipart series of columns on business capital or what I like to call, “finding money for your business.” As previously discussed in last week’s column there are many ways to finance your business. The two main ways are either... Read More →
Last week, I wrote about your ability to utilize the summertime as your time to focus on how you and your business have done since the beginning of the year. I hope all of you have been able to determine what goals you have been able to achieve and what goals are still far away.... Read More →
If you have not noticed yet the heat is settling in, the kids are done with school and hurricane season has begun. These are all the telltale signs of summer. For all you business owners, different seasons mean different things. This is definitely true for certain businesses and... Read More →
Over the course of the last few weeks, I have met with a lot of my business clients regarding issues that they have been having with their employees. Most business owners realize that their staff and employees are truly important to the success of their business. However, what... Read More →
I have always believed that the traditional role of a woman, as a full time mom, is one of the least appreciated jobs on the planet. It seems as if society has made it that way due to the fact that moms dont earn big six figure salaries for their time and efforts, they dont get... Read More →