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Bank Financing

Boca Raton Bank Financing Lawyer

Legal Help in Navigating Your Bank Financing Options

Managing your money effectively is essential for your company’s ongoing success in the competitive marketplace. At the Boca Raton business law firm of Berkowitz and Associates, we offer comprehensive support for all your banking and finance agreements. We can help you create the most beneficial contracts at the best possible terms, allowing you to maintain healthy cash flows and to reduce overhead for these necessary financial arrangements.

Bank Lending

Making sure that your lending contracts are clear and contain no unpleasant surprises can help you deal with routine lending issues more quickly and easily. Your Boca Raton bank financing lawyer can look over these contracts and point out any issues that could pose problems for you in the future. By entrusting your standard lending contracts to your attorney, you can enjoy greater confidence when dealing with these borrowing arrangements.

Leveraged Financing

By using assets currently held by your company as collateral for your borrowing activities, you can often leverage your buying power in the Florida marketplace. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced Boca Raton bank financing lawyer is the best way to structure these contracts and to ensure that your financial interests are protected throughout your lending arrangement.

Real Estate Financing

Real estate financing arrangements can be complicated. Depending on the type of loan you are seeking, you may need collateral other than the property you are looking to acquire. Business loans typically use different criteria than residential real estate loans. Your local Boca Raton bank financing lawyer can provide you with the legal guidance you need to navigate these contracts and to ensure that your financial position is protected when acquiring new properties.

Project Financing

If you intend to expand your business operations or to acquire new equipment or infrastructure for your company, project financing arrangements can sometimes offer greater flexibility and increased options for your business. Project-based financing is usually designed to allow you to repay your loan over the course of the business enterprise for which these funds are needed.

At Berkowitz and Associates, we specialize in all aspects of bank financing from small business property acquisitions to major projects. We work with your company to determine the most appropriate way to acquire the funds you need and to ensure that you receive the right guidance for lending contracts, mortgages and other financial instruments. Our high degree of expertise can help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your lending arrangements. Call us today at 561-982-7800 to schedule your first consultation with our legal team. We look forward to the chance to serve you.