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Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention Agreements

Boca Raton Non-Disclosure and Non-circumvention Agreements Lawyer

Protecting your company’s confidential information and proprietary techniques from disclosure and use by other businesses is absolutely essential to ensure your company’s ongoing success in the state of Florida. By choosing a Boca Raton non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements lawyer from our team at Berkowitz and Associates, you can protect your company against the unauthorized use and disclosure of your corporate information by your competitors in the commercial marketplace.

Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreements

Keeping your company’s confidential information away from your competitors can allow you to maintain your competitive edge within your industry. Including nondisclosure and confidentiality clauses within your employment contracts can provide added protection for this information and can ensure that your proprietary processes and data sets are protected against loss or disclosure by former employees of your company.

Noncompete Clauses

In the state of Florida, noncompete clauses in employment contracts can last for up to two years. These provisions prevent your employees from leaving your employ and going directly to one of your competitors in the Florida marketplace. If your company is working at the cutting edge of technology, it is critical to your ongoing success that you protect yourself from unauthorized disclosure or use of your trade secrets by including these clauses in your employment agreements. The Boca Raton non-disclosure and non-circumvention lawyers at Berkowitz and Associates have the experience and expertise your company needs to prevent losses of this kind and to ensure that your confidential data stays private and confined to your own corporate structure.

Nonsolicitation Agreements

Retaining your clients even after the loss of an employee can help you maintain profitability and can ensure the long-term success of your company. At Berkowitz and Associates, we can create contracts that suit your needs and that prevent your former employees from taking away your company’s clients upon their departure. This can protect your financial viability and allow you to enjoy greater confidence when dealing with ongoing relationships with clients in the competitive marketplace.

Boca Raton Non-Disclosure and Non-circumvention Agreements Lawyer

At the Boca Raton business law firm of Berkowitz and Associates, our Boca Raton non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements lawyers can provide you with the legal representation and iron-clad contract language needed to protect your corporate interests in the competitive marketplace. To learn more about our services or to set up an initial consultation, call our offices at 561-982-7800. We look forward to the chance to help your company reach its full potential in the Florida marketplace.