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Private Placement

Boca Raton Private Placements Lawyer

Exploring Private Placement Offerings

Private placement offerings can provide your business with the funding needed to expand your operations or to finance your start-up company. At the Berkowitz and Associates, our Boca Raton private placements lawyers can help you determine if your business is eligible for these arrangements and if they are the right choice for your company. Here are some points to remember when considering private placement offerings for your business.

Private Placement Offerings Are Exempt from the SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does not require registration by companies that raise capital through private placement offerings if those companies adhere to strict regulations that govern these financial arrangements. Unlike public offerings, these opportunities are available only to invited investors who meet certain criteria for income and knowledge of the financial marketplace.

The Private Placement Offerings Process Is Complex

Expert legal help is necessary to navigate the regulations and requirements of private placement offerings. Failure to comply with all provisions of SEC regulations can result in harsh penalties for your company. By retaining the services of an experienced Boca Raton private placements lawyer, you can ensure that all details of these corporate finance arrangements are managed in compliance with the letter of the law. This can help you acquire the funding you need in the most practical and beneficial way possible.

Benefits of Private Placement Offerings

If your company qualifies for these financial arrangements, you can enjoy a number of advantages over other forms of corporate funding:

  • Private placements can be completed more quickly than comparable public offerings.
  • Because the SEC does not require registration for these corporate financial arrangements, your company may be able to save time and money during the preparation process.
  • Fewer investors can translate directly into greater control over your business operations and future plans.

For smaller businesses, private placement offerings can often provide added flexibility and increased financial resources during start-up or expansion activities.

The private placements experts at Berkowitz and Associates can provide you with the most accurate and useful guidance on the regulations governing these funding arrangements. We work with your company to determine your eligibility for private placement offerings and to navigate the complexities of this process. To learn more about how we can help your company achieve your goals in the Florida business marketplace, call us today at 561-982-7800 to schedule your consultation with us. We look forward to the chance to work with you.