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Closing Representation

Boca Raton Closing Representation Lawyer

Making sure that every detail of your real estate transaction is in order prior to closing can help these proceedings go smoothly and according to plan. At Berkowitz and Associates, our Boca Raton closing representation lawyers can help you prepare for closing with the most accurate advice and guidance throughout the process. Whether you are closing on a commercial or residential mortgage loan, we can help with the right answers for all your questions.

Residential Property Closings

Residential loans typically require a fair amount of paperwork at the time of closing. Your Boca Raton closing representation lawyer will work with you to collect the right documentation and to make sure your interests are protected throughout these proceedings. Inspections and appraisals should be performed well in advance of the date of closing. Documentation for these services will usually be part of the paperwork you receive during your residential closing. Mortgage documents, sale and escrow agreements and ownership transfer information will be presented and signed during the closing meeting. You may also be required to provide evidence of insurance on your new home before the mortgage can be finalized during the closing process.

Commercial Mortgage Closings

Commercial mortgage loans typically require appraisals, inspections and evaluation of your company’s ability to repay these obligations. During closing, you will typically close escrow and disburse any necessary payments for appraisals and other fees. Title insurance documentation will usually be part of the paperwork to be signed at closing and will offer added protection against liens, judgments and other encumbrances on the title of the property. Because the inspection requirements for commercial loans are less stringent than those for residential properties, due diligence must be exercised by the buyer to ensure that the building or facility is suited to the purpose for which it will be used. By working with a Boca Raton closing representation lawyer from Berkowitz and Associates, your company can ensure the greatest degree of protection when purchasing properties in our area.

Boca Raton Closing Representation Lawyer

At the Boca Raton business law firm of Berkowitz and Associates, we offer comprehensive support for commercial and residential real estate closings. We work with you to make sure that your interests are represented and that you receive the most practical advice when dealing with these major financial transactions. Call us today at 561-982-7800 to set up an initial consultation and to ensure the smoothest closings for all your real estate needs.