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Obtaining the right funding is essential to your company’s ongoing success. At Berkowitz and Associates, we offer expert legal guidance in navigating the finance world and achieving the best loans and funding arrangements for your business. Our Boca Raton capitalization lawyers can deliver expert counsel on all aspects of your corporate finances. Whether you need traditional bank loans or government-backed funding arrangements, we can help with the right legal services for your company.

Traditional Bank Financing

The paperwork and eligibility requirements imposed by most traditional banks can make it difficult to obtain the funding you need without a little extra help. Your Boca Raton capitalization lawyer can help you with all details of the application process and can alert you to any provisions of your loan documentation that might pose problems in the future. By working with Berkowitz and Associates, you can streamline the process of applying for and receiving funds for a wide array of business needs.

Federal and State Programs

The Small Business Administration and the state of Florida offer a number of loan and grant programs designed for small businesses in our area. Eligibility for these in-demand programs can be difficult to establish. Working with an experienced Boca Raton capitalization lawyer from Berkowitz and Associates can help you determine whether your company qualifies for these low-interest loan or grant programs. We can also provide support throughout the application and approval process to ensure that your company receives due consideration for state and federal grants and loans.

Equity Financing

In some cases, your company may possess assets that could be used as collateral for obtaining new funding. Equity funding arrangements are designed to allow you to draw on the financial equity of real estate properties. These loans typically are secured by the property and may feature a lower interest rate or more favorable terms for repayment. Consulting with your Boca Raton capitalization lawyer can help you decide whether these equity financing arrangements are right for you.

The legal experts at Berkowitz and Associates can provide you with expert guidance on all aspects of your corporate capitalization plan. We work with you at every step of the process to make sure you receive the most practical and advantageous funding options for your business and your future. Call us today at 561-982-7800 to set up your first appointment. We look forward to the chance to work with you.