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Ongoing Corporate Recordkeeping

Boca Raton Ongoing Corporate Recordkeeping Lawyer

Maintaining accurate and complete records can help you avoid regulatory issues and can keep you on the right side of the law in the state of Florida. Working with a Boca Raton ongoing corporate recordkeeping lawyer can help you manage these requirements more easily. At Berkowitz and Associates, we specialize in providing you with the expert services needed to maintain ongoing records for your Florida business.

Managing Recordkeeping Requirements

Corporations and limited liability companies in the state of Florida are required to maintain certain records for an extended period of time on behalf of their shareholders and stakeholders. These records include federal, state and local tax records and financial statements for the past three years along with any other information relevant and necessary to the ongoing operations of your Florida business. The Boca Raton ongoing corporate recordkeeping lawyers at Berkowitz and Associates can help you keep accurate and complete records for your business to ensure that you stay in compliance with Florida requirements.

Providing Access

In some cases, your company may be asked to provide access to your records by shareholders, government officials and other interested parties. At Berkowitz and Associates, our team of expert recordkeeping attorneys can determine if the request for access is legitimate and justified and can provide your partners, shareholders and other individuals and government entities with the information they need. This can free up time for your staff members while ensuring that you and your company responds promptly and appropriately to these requests for information.

Added Peace of Mind

By entrusting your recordkeeping duties to the professional legal team at Berkowitz and Associates, you can enjoy greater confidence when dealing with government enquiries and requests from stakeholders in your company. We can handle all aspects of maintaining and providing records for your company, allowing you to focus on the core business activities that can contribute to your continued success in the competitive marketplace. Our Boca Raton ongoing corporate recordkeeping lawyers can ensure that you remain in compliance with all requirements established under Florida law.

Boca Raton Ongoing Corporate Recordkeeping Lawyer

At the Boca Raton business law firm of Berkowitz and Associates, we are committed to providing your company with the expert legal services you need to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. We work with you to determine the best solutions for recordkeeping, access and management of your company’s business documentation. Call us today at 561-982-7800 to set up your first appointment with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.