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Federal and State Programs

Florida Capital Programs lawyer

Federal and State Programs for Financing Your Small Business

Considering all your options when seeking funding for your small business operations can help you to obtain financing on the most favorable terms. Working with a qualified Florida capital programs lawyer can provide you with the information you need to make the best choice for your company. At Berkowitz and Associates, we have the proven experience your small business needs to ensure the best access to funding when you need it.

Enterprise Florida

Enterprise Florida is a statewide initiative designed to promote the success of businesses and to attract new employers to our area. The Minority & Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Capital division of Enterprise Florida focuses primarily on helping small businesses by breaking down barriers to acquiring the funding they need to grow and expand within the state. By matching businesses with lenders, Enterprise Florida can make it easier for your company to obtain loans for a wide range of purposes.

Capital Programs

Enterprise Florida offers a number of capital programs designed specifically to assist small businesses, minority owned companies and entrepreneurs in our state. Some of the most popular of these programs include the following:

  • The State Small Business Credit Initiative is a federally funded program that helps businesses with 500 employees or fewer to acquire funding by guaranteeing loans for qualifying companies. By limiting the risk to lenders, this program increases the odds of acquiring funding for small businesses in the state of Florida.
  • The Microfinance Guarantee Program is intended for companies that employ 25 or fewer employees and that have generated gross revenues of not more than $1.5 million annually in the last two years. Your Florida capital programs lawyer can help you determine if your business can qualify for these lending arrangements.
  • The Venture Capital Program offers improved odds of funding for Florida start-ups that meet certain eligibility requirements.

The Enterprise Florida initiative also supports minority business development through partnerships with private and nonprofit organizations.

If your business could benefit from the funding and support arrangements available through Enterprise Florida and other state and federal programs, the Boca Raton Business Law Firm of Berkowitz and Associates can provide you with the legal support you need to achieve your goals. Contact our offices today at 561-982-7800 to set up an appointment with one of our Florida capital programs lawyers. We look forward to the chance to work with you.