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Employment Agreements

Boca Raton Employment Agreements Lawyer

Employment contracts are legally binding documents that outline the terms of the relationship between an employer and an employee at the time of hiring. Because Florida is an at-will employment state, employees who do not have a contract with their employers can have their employment terminated at any time and for almost any reason. At Berkowitz and Associates, our Boca Raton employment agreements lawyers can review your contracts and ensure that your company’s rights are protected throughout the duration of these contractual relationships.

Provisions of an Employment Contract

Employment agreements are not required by the state of Florida but may provide added incentive for preferred candidates for your positions. These contracts typically include a number of provisions, including the following:

  • The duration of employment
  • The salary to be paid
  • Any bonuses or incentives
  • The expectations of the employer
  • Grounds for termination of the contract and the employment relationship

At Berkowitz and Associates, we can provide you with expert legal guidance that can help you navigate the employment agreement process more effectively.

Additional Considerations for Employment Agreements

Depending on the type of work performed at your company, you may need additional assurances from the employees you hire. Some of the most common added clauses to employment contracts include noncompete agreements, nonsolicitation agreements and confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements.

  • Noncompete clauses prevent the employee from working for a direct competitor of your company for up to two years after he or she leaves your employ.
  • Nonsolicitation clauses are designed to stop employees from soliciting your clients after they have left your employ.
  • As their names suggest, confidentiality and nondisclosure clauses protect your company against the release of confidential information and the loss of intellectual property due to the actions of former employees.

If you routinely deal in proprietary processes or sensitive materials, you can often benefit from the inclusion of these clauses in your employment agreements. The Boca Raton employment agreements lawyers at Berkowitz and Associates can help you create the contracts needed to protect your business interests in the competitive marketplace.

Separation Agreements

Termination agreements typically include provisions covering the payment of severance, continued confidentiality and nondisclosure requirements and the release of liability on the part of the employer to the employee. Working with our team of expert attorneys can help you manage these arrangements to protect your company against legal actions related to the termination of an employee.

Boca Raton Employment Agreements Lawyer

At the Boca Raton business law firm of Berkowitz and Associates, we offer comprehensive services designed to help you stay on the right side of the law when managing employment contracts. Call us today at 561-982-7800 to schedule a consultation with us. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.